Wednesday, January 17, 2018

अक्षरिका - ४ (Aksharica - 4)

4th Issue/ 15th October 2010
Highlights in this issue include:
A feature article about importance of "protecting cultural heritage".
Tips for keeping you and your home warm.
Tips for correct use of refrigerator / freezer to keep fruits & vegetables fresh.
5-2-1-0 rule of keeping you healthy and preventing childhood obesity (Everyday - 5 fruits, less than 2 hours of TV, 1 hour exercise, 0 soda / sugar-sweetened drinks)
Learn English Series: Some words used to explain "weather conditions".
News about celebration of NRN Day, Dashain and other events from Nepali / Bhutanese communities.
Upcoming festivals / celebrations including Kojagrat Purnima, UN Day, Halloween etc.
चौथो अंक : १५ अक्टोबर २०१०          
आवरण : संस्कृति बचाउन होस्टेमा हैंसे
जाडो भो आच्छु छु (जाडोमा आफ्नो सुरक्षा)
फ्रिजमा तरकारी र फलफूल
विविध समाचार: एनआरएन दिवस, डिभी नोभेम्बर ३ सम्म, दशैं मनाइयो
अबका १५ दिन
स्वस्थ रहने ५२१० काइदा
रक्तदानी मैनाली

मौसमका शब्द ।

अक्षरिका - ३ (Aksharica - 3)

3rd Issue/ 1st October 2010
Highlights of this issue include:
Tips for new language learning.
Nepali philanthropist Anuradha Koirala nominated as the top 10 CNN heroes.
US government offers aid to Nepal.S
Special feature about upcoming festivals including Dashain
Learn English series – various cloths seizes.
Childhood memories of comedian Kiran K.C. and many more news from Nepali and Bhutanese community.
तेस्रो अंक : १ अक्टोबर २०१०
आवरण : नयाँ भाषा कसरी सिक्ने ? अनुराधा सिएनएन हिरो !
हाम्रा अनमोल यात्रुहरूको सुरक्षा (बालयात्रु सुरक्षा सप्ताह)
विविध समाचार : नेपाललाई सहयोग, साउदलाई मदन पुरस्कार
अबका १५ दिन : दशैं
आकार-आकारका लुगा
हाँस्य-कलाकार किरण केसी छुकछुके ।