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अक्षरिका - ४ (Aksharica - 4)

4th Issue/ 15th October 2010
Highlights in this issue include:
A feature article about importance of "protecting cultural heritage".
Tips for keeping you and your home warm.
Tips for correct use of refrigerator / freezer to keep fruits & vegetables fresh.
5-2-1-0 rule of keeping you healthy and preventing childhood obesity (Everyday - 5 fruits, less than 2 hours of TV, 1 hour exercise, 0 soda / sugar-sweetened drinks)
Learn English Series: Some words used to explain "weather conditions".
News about celebration of NRN Day, Dashain and other events from Nepali / Bhutanese communities.
Upcoming festivals / celebrations including Kojagrat Purnima, UN Day, Halloween etc.
चौथो अंक : १५ अक्टोबर २०१०          
आवरण : संस्कृति बचाउन होस्टेमा हैंसे
जाडो भो आच्छु छु (जाडोमा आफ्नो सुरक्षा)
फ्रिजमा तरकारी र फलफूल
विविध समाचार: एनआरएन दिवस, डिभी नोभेम्बर ३ सम्म, दशैं मनाइयो
अबका १५ दिन
स्वस्थ रहने ५२१० काइदा
रक्तदानी मैनाली

मौसमका शब्द ।

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